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Ultraviolet: Equality at a Higher Frequency
  • We can't turn our backs on Syrian refugees

    The House just voted to strand Syrian refugees, 75 percent of whom are women and children. Many of these women and young girls are escaping sexual violence, forced marriages, honor killings, and more under ISIS rule. They are fleeing terrorism, not bringing it, and need shelter and safety, not fear-mongering and racism. Alarmingly, the bill passed by enough votes to override the veto President Obama promised--and with the votes of 47 Democrats along with every single House Republican. Senate Republicans only need 13 Democrats to override a presidential veto, and they're likely to get them, unless we quickly speak out. Can you sign this urgent petition demanding Senate Democrats stand with women refugees?
  • We Won't Go Back

    The Supreme Court just took the biggest abortion case in more than a decade, but we won't go back.
  • URGENT: Supreme Court's abortion case

    The Supreme Court announced it will decide the biggest abortion case in more than a decade--whether a Texas law that is set to close more than half of the state's remaining abortion clinics is unconstitutional. But there's more at stake beyond Texas: Other states like Louisiana and Oklahoma quickly copied the law and used it to shut off access to reproductive care. Let's show the Justices that we REFUSE to go back to the days when reproductive freedom and access were a privilege for a select few. Can you sign this pledge and share it with five people you know?
  • Paul Ryan - Allow a vote on paid leave

    Paul Ryan is the new Speaker of the House-- a job he only agreed to accept when House Republicans promised he wouldn't have to give up time with his family. The problem? House Republicans--including Speaker Ryan--won't even allow a vote on whether other American workers should have that same right. The new Speaker is getting special benefits he doesn't want the rest of America to have. That's why thousands of us are demanding that Speaker Ryan put paid family leave up for a vote. Will you add your name?
  • Thank William Gay for raising awareness about domestic violence

    The NFL just fined a player for wearing purple football shoes to raise awareness about domestic violence. Seriously. This is the same League that botched the Ray Rice suspension and brought Greg Hardy back after his conviction for violently assaulting his then-girlfriend. The player, William Gay, knows all too well about domestic violence--his mother was murdered by an abusive partner when he was eight-years old. Gay was honoring his mother and showing support to domestic violence survivors--he should be praised, not fined thousands. Clearly, the NFL has no clue how to respond to the issue of domestic violence. So let's show them, and thank Gay for raising awareness about an issue that affects one in four women. Will you add your name?
  • Pres. Obama: Keep guns away from violent abusers. Close the "boyfriend loophole."

    The "boyfriend loophole" lets abusers purchase guns legally--simple because they didn't live with or marry their targets. If we act fast, President Obama can close this loophole with an executive order--without congressional approval. Right now, the administration is considering a number of executive actions to curb gun violence, and if we show widespread public support, closing the "boyfriend loophole" will be one of them. Will you add your name?
  • The Cost of Rape

    1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted before graduating college. This is the cost of campus rape.
  • Tell Apple: Don't censor women's health

    UPDATE: VICTORY! In less than 24 hours, Apple has reversed course! A new app, called Hinder (like the popular dating app, Tinder) allows users to browse where their elected officials stand on women's rights. But there's one problem: Apple refuses to allow its users to download it. At a time when women's health is under unprecedented attacks, we have a right to know where our elected officials stand. Can you sign the petition?
  • Abortion: End the Pretending

    One in three women will have an abortion by the age of 45, but this common medical procedure is under fierce attack by extremists at all levels of government. If we don't speak up, millions of women in conservative states will effectively lose their legal right to an abortion.
  • Planned Parenthood: NOT Replaceable

    Low-income and rural women often don't have access to other clinics--shuttering Planned Parenthood will create a massive women's health desert in the U.S. Breast cancer screenings, family planning, STD tests, and more, GONE for millions of women. There's a myth perpetuated by anti-abortion extremists that alternatives to Planned Parenthood in underserved communities--and it's just not true. We have the facts on our side, and together, we can get the truth out. SHARE this UltraViolet infographic today!
  • Really, Netflix?

    Netflix just announced that its employees will get unlimited maternal and paternal leave. BUT, Netflix's DVD division, which is made up of lower-wage workers, isn't eligible. Based on the big public relations campaign around their announcement, Netflix cares that the press, public, and future employees see the announcement positively. The backlash over this unfair policy has begun, and we can take it to the next level so that Netflix extends its unlimited leave policy to ALL working moms and dads--not just the ones who make the most money. Will you tell Netflix to extend its new parental leave policy to ALL workers?
  • Stop Criminalizing Survival

    75% of women in prison are survivors of domestic violence. Too many of them are imprisoned as a direct result of the abuse they survived. Most people don't even know this is happening--but we can change that. We can't stop the policies that criminalize rather than protect survivors of domestic violence until people know about it. You can help by sharing this infographic today.
  • Women need schedules that work!

    Elizabeth Warren has a bold new plan to help working moms--and needs our help right away! It's called the Schedules That Work Act, and Congress could act on it at any moment--but legislators need to know the public stands behind it. Under Sen. Warren's awesome new plan, employers would no longer be able to get away with scheduling abuses--which most affect low-wage workers, especially moms--like wildly different hours from week to week and almost no advance notice of schedule changes. Will you tell Congress that scheduling abuses have gone on for far too long?
  • Tell Congress: I stand with Planned Parenthood!

    Planned Parenthood is under attack and needs your urgent help. This is part of a systematic effort to destroy the venerable institution that serves 2.7 million women annually--with false claims and a misleadingly edited video. If supporters like us don't speak up, the extremists might succeed in shuttering Planned Parenthood clinics. But we beat back these attacks before--and won. And we need to step up again or risk being silenced. Can you sign our petition and leave a comment on why you support Planned Parenthood?
  • Drop the charges against Laura!

    Laura Browder, a mother of two, was thrilled to get a last-minute job interview in Houston, Texas. Without enough time or money to arrange for childcare, she brought her kids with her and planted them not 30 yards away so that she could keep an eye on them as she interviewed. She got the job--then she was arrested and is now facing child abandonment charges. The media coverage of Laura's story is growing. Thousands are outraged, and if we speak out now we can get the charges against her dropped. Will you sign the petition?
  • Sandra Bland deserves justice

    28 year-old Sandra Bland was driving to her new job in Waller County, TX when she was pulled over for switching lanes without a signal--a routine violation that usually ends with a ticket. But instead, officers slammed her head into the ground and arrested her. Three days later, she died in police custody. This is one of the most outrageous cases of police abuse we've seen yet. There is video showing the officer slamming Sandra to the ground as she pleads for them to stop. And the local sheriff, who claimed Sandra killed herself, was fired in a different city for multiple counts of racist and violent conduct. Together with our friends at ColorofChange, we're demanding the Department of Justice step in and investigate just what happened. Will you stand up for Sandra and sign our petition to Attorney General Loretta Lynch?
  • Tell the FIFA Executive Committee: Pay women players fairly

    The U.S. Women's soccer team made history last night after winning the World Cup for the third time. Their prize? $2 million. Not bad until you learn that the U.S. Men's team earned $8 million--for losing in the first round. Why? Because according to FIFA's leadership, equal pay for women is "nonsense." This is outrageous, but with media coverage around the game growing, FIFA's gender pay discrimination is finally getting some attention. If enough of us stand up to FIFA while billions of people and international media are watching, we can force FIFA to start respecting women and end its discriminatory pay practice.
  • Save Roe v. Wade

    UltraViolet members and allies are coming together to deliver a strong message straight to several key senators. UltraViolet members have signed a petition asking that Congress reject this draconian ban, and your senator holds a key vote. Can you join UltraViolet members and allies on Wednesday, July 1, at noon to deliver these petitions?
  • TLC: Cancel this child molester's show

    BREAKING: Newly released police reports show that a major reality TV star, Josh Duggar, admitted to sexually assaulting 5 young girls. But despite growing outrage, TLC refuses to take his show off its network.
  • WTF, insurance companies?

    Obamacare is in trouble, but this time it's NOT the GOP--it's the insurance companies. According to a new report by our allies at the National Women's Law Center (NWLC) analyzing over 100 insurance plans in 15 states, from California to Florida, many refuse to provide free or low-cost birth control coverage. Other plans refuse to cover maternity care, prescription drugs, and even well-woman visits. All of this violates the Affordable Care Act--it's literally illegal and a blatant attempt to roll back reform.
  • Why are Google, YouTube, and Hulu censoring these ads?

    Why are Google, YouTube, and Hulu censoring UltraViolet's ads about abortion? With a national abortion ban likely to come up for a House vote and 1 in 3 women to have an abortion by age 45, talking openly about abortion is vital for a robust, informed conversation. But these companies' ad representatives rejected our ads, claiming the topic is "non-family safe"--lumping women's health in with porn, sex toys, and hookup sites. We know that pressuring companies like Google can work--Google agreed to remove ads from medical fraud centers that deceive women about abortion after customers spoke out. If we raise our voices again, we can reverse its decision here. Can you sign the petition?
  • Overturn the conviction against Purvi Patel

    Tell the Indiana Court of Appeals: "Stop policing women's bodies. Overturn the conviction of Purvi Patel." An Indiana woman, Purvi Patel, was just sentenced to 41 years. Her crime? She suffered a stillbirth and the state suspected--but had no physical evidence--that she tried to induce an abortion.
  • Congress is about to take food away from hungry children.

    The U.S. Senate voted for a budget that literally takes food away from hungry children. The budgets that have now passed both the House and Senate make deep, painful cuts to the food stamps program--called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. ONE IN FIVE children in the U.S. depend on SNAP for their meals. These cuts would be devastating and threaten to kick MILLIONS off the program. But they aren't law yet--and we still have a chance to stop them from going into effect if we mount a major fight right now, before these cuts are set in stone in the next few weeks.
  • Teach Consent in High Schools

    This is HUGE: the U.S. Senate is going to vote on legislation that could help significantly reduce sexual assault and intimate partner violence in schools across America. The Teach Safe Relationships Act will insure that age-appropriate, comprehensive information is presented to students in their high school health classes.
  • Tell Congress: Drop the forced ultrasound bill

    Now Republicans have gone too far. Last Thursday, House Republicans introduced legislation to require forced vaginal ultrasounds before receiving an abortion--or what many consider to be state-sponsored rape.
  • President Obama is doing what no president before him has ever done--he's endorsing paid sick days for ALL workers.

    President Obama is doing what no president before him has ever done--he's endorsing paid sick days for ALL workers. Here’s why this is so important: 40% of private sector workers can't take even a single paid day off when they get sick or have to take care of an ill family member, and women are even less likely than men to have paid sick days.
  • What we've accomplished in 2014

    2014 was a tough year by any account, but even in the face of all the injustice, heartache, and disappointments, the UltraViolet community has a lot to be proud of. We raised our voices together in some of the biggest fights for women, and we made real difference--and it's all thanks to the near 600,000 members of UltraViolet who spoke out and showed up. Thank you for all you do and for being a part of this growing movement!
  • Photo: Breast Cancer Fund

    Toxic chemicals in our makeup

    Victory! After first threatening to sue UltraViolet, along with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Breast Cancer Fund (our partners in this campaign), Revlon agreed to eliminate some of the most toxic cosmetic chemicals from its makeup, mascaras, and shampoos. Thanks to the over 45,000 UltraViolet members who took action!
  • Princeton Review: Include sexual assault rankings

    Rape on campus is a national crisis and too many schools are mishandling cases. Students and their parents have a right to know if a college campus has a problem with rape. Will you ask the Princeton Review to include rankings of schools based on campus sexual assault prevention?
  • Michigan State University: Drop George Will

    Hosting a rape apologist is one of the last things a school with a rape problem should do. Yet, Michigan State University (MSU) just announced that the December 13th commencement speaker will be George Will, the columnist who said that campus rape survivors are making it up to achieve a "coveted status" of "victimhood." Coming from a school under investigation for mishandling reports of sexual assault, the move blatantly disregards survivors and is completely unacceptable.
  • Justice for Mike Brown

    In a shocking failure of our justice system, a St. Louis grand jury refused to indict Darren Wilson--the police officer who murdered unarmed Black teen Mike Brown, igniting a firestorm of protests in Missouri and beyond. No mother--or father--should ever have to experience the agony of losing a child to police violence. And for far too many Black and Latino families, loss has only been made worse by the denial of justice. In moments of national reckoning such as this one, none of us can afford to stay silent. That's why UltraViolet is joining our friends at ColorOfChange in demanding that our national leaders step in to ensure justice for Mike Brown.
  • Justice for Tondalo Hall

    Her partner severely beat her and her children--but she's the one serving 30 years in prison. Tondalo Hall, a 30-year old mother from Oklahoma, is serving a sentence 15 times that of the man who abused her--for "failing to protect" her children from him. It's a cruel failure of the justice system that all too often punishes survivors of domestic violence. Right now, we have a chance to make it right--but only for a few days. Can you sign the petition?
  • Tell President Obama: Take a stand for women against the Republican Congress

    On Election Day, extremist Republicans and their anti-woman ideas took control of both houses of Congress. They are led by politicians who pledged to enact sweeping abortion bans, take away women's right to birth control coverage, and do away with equal pay legislation. There's one bold response we need, and thousands are already demanding it. President Obama has been a champion for women, but now we really need him to know that we're counting on him to block extremist attempts to roll back women's rights. Can you join the call?
  • Stop the sexual assault of women at Karnes!

    Countless women have been raped at a for-profit detention center in Texas. The Department of Homeland Security's Office of Civil Rights has the power to investigate and hold this facility accountable. Can you join Human Rights First, the University of Texas Law School, and the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund in calling for a full investigation?
  • Tell Microsoft: "Karma" won't fix sexism. Fire Satya Nadella.

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told a room full of women—at a conference dedicated to advancing women in the male-dominated tech industry no less—not to ask for a raise. He said “karma” and "trusting the system” will ensure that they are paid fairly. WHAT!?! That's rich coming from a man who will be making $18 MILLION this year. Today, the average woman makes 78 cents for every dollar a man earns across all industries. This isn’t a joke—it's a real burden families deal with every day. Will you demand Microsoft fire CEO Satya Nadella for his comments about the fact that women earn less?
  • The dangerous lies Pandora radio is airing

    Pandora radio, a popular and free streaming service with over 77 million listeners each month, is running ads that prey on pregnant women, and it needs to stop. These deceptive ads implore listeners with an unplanned pregnancy to call 1-844-UCHOOSE--an anti-choice hotline that tells women they can get cancer from abortion and other dangerous lies. These women, who are at their most vulnerable, need real medical care, not anti-science myths. After hearing from UltraViolet members earlier this year, organizations like Google and Yahoo dropped similar deceptive ads. Together, we can make sure Pandora is next. Can you sign the petition?
  • End Campus Rape

    Students across the country are demanding that their schools adopt better policies - Join them.
  • Rush Limbaugh must go!

    On his popular talk radio show, Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves to proclaim that Florida State University football star and accused rapist Jameis Winston should "expect a standing ovation" for standing up on a campus table and shouting "F*ck her right in the p*ssy!" to passersby. Enough is enough. No legitimate brand should bankroll Limbaugh's disgusting mockery of rape and face no consequences. Will you tell advertisers like Holiday Inn and ProActiv to drop the Rush Limbaugh show immediately?
  • Judge Fuller must resign

    Federal Judge Mark Fuller was arrested for domestic violence last month after his wife called 911 during the attack. But rather than face trial, Fuller agreed to an intervention program. He will spend no time behind bars--he's set to return to the bench--and his record will be expunged. If we all call for his resignation now, the public outcry will force him out of the judgeship. Will you add your name?
  • Tell NFL's Roger Goodell: Resign immediately

    The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, has been caught in a despicable and disgusting lie and he must resign. Calls for Goodell's resignation are mounting--it's time for him to go. Will you sign the petition?
  • Sexism and sexual harassment in Congress

    "Don't lose too much weight now. I like my girls chubby." That's what one Member of Congress said to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand--while squeezing her waist. In interviews this week she revealed even more sexist comments and attitudes she's endured from her male colleagues. We need to speak up now, and tell our U.S. Senators and Representatives that we expect them to leave the sexism and sexual harrassment behind.
  • VICTORY: NFL changes its domestic violence policy!

    On August 28th, the NFL released a game-changing new policy to prevent domestic violence and to hold players accountable for their violent or abusive behavior. From the beginning, this was an uphill battle. Changing professional sports culture, holding the most popular sports league in the country responsible, and demanding real systematic change to prevent violence was not easy. But thousands of UltraViolet members like you came together to make it happen: nearly 50,000 people signed the petition to the NFL, more than 2,000 called its offices, and thousands more used social media to spread the word.
  • Tell the NFL: Domestic Violence is a serious crime, treat it that way

    In February, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punched his then-fiancee, knocking her out cold. Video caught him dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator at a casino hotel. Now the National Football League (NFL) has announced an appallingly short suspension for violating its personal conduct policy: Ray Rice will miss just two games--a shorter suspension that the NFL issues for drug use or unauthorized tattoos. Tell the NFL: Domestic violence is a serious crime, and abusers have no place in your league. Change your policies so that violent offenders like Ray Rice receive suspensions that reflect the severity of the crime.
  • Tell the Senate: Pass the bill to reverse Supreme Court's birth control ruling

    June's Supreme Court decision gutting access to birth control was devastating -- but the good news is that something can be done. The Not My Bosses' Business Bill was just introduced in Congress to reverse the Supreme Court's decision gutting women's right to birth control coverage -- and it has HUGE momentum. If we shine a spotlight on this bill and bring it to a vote, we'll know which members of Congress support affordable access to birth control -- and which side with 5 men on the Supreme Court.
  • I support birth control and I vote

    The Supreme Court just ruled that women working at certain private corporations don't have a right to birth control coverage under their health insurance plan at work. That means decisions about women's health are left up to their bosses. We need to show Congress and politicians that women won't stand for this--and if they don't drop the attacks on our health care, we'll drop them. We have a chance to do that in November. Our job is to make clear this simple fact: if you don't support affordable access to birth control, you don't support women--and that will cost you votes.
  • Tell The Washington Post: Fire George Will

    The Washington Post published an opinion piece mocking sexual assault survivors and saying that women want to be raped. The author, conservative columnist George Will, goes so far as to write that colleges are making "victimhood a coveted status" by taking public steps to curb sexual assaults on campus. He even implies that non-consensual sex is not rape, when in fact it's the very definition of rape! Tell The Washington Post: Rape is real. No one wants to be a victim. Fire George Will.
  • Tell the Postal Service: Create a Maya Angelou postage stamp

    Maya Angelou lived an inspiring life--one that will continue to influence generations to come. And there's a wonderful way for us as a country to honor her: by commemorating her life with a United States Postal Service stamp.
  • Victory! Yahoo takes down misleading abortion clinic ads

    In less than 48 hours after the UltraViolet petition launched, Yahoo agreed to remove ads that mislead and lie to women concerning abortion clinics. Thanks to the over 26,000 members who took action!
  • Tell Pier 1 Imports to stop discriminating against pregnant workers

    Pier 1 has an illegal policy on its books--pregnant workers are given 8 weeks of light duty and then forced to take unpaid leave, whether they want to or not. Pier 1 markets heavily to women and cares a lot about its family friendly image. Will you stand up for women facing discrimination and tell Pier 1 to stop discriminating?
  • Thank you President Obama!

    Big news! President Obama just signed 2 executive orders for equal pay--benefiting 26 million people who may be earning less simply because they're women. Will you sign the card thanking Obama for taking action to end gender discrimination in pay?
  • Your boss and your birth control

    On March 25, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether bosses like Hobby Lobby's CEO can make health care decisions for women. Check out this infographic and pass it along to your friends to fight back.
  • Photo: Kent Quirk Flickr

    Dartmouth: Stop ignoring the "rape guide"

    A Dartmouth student was assaulted after her information was posted on a campus "rape guide." That's just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Photo: ECohen Flickr

    Rapists can sue for WHAT?

    Ohio has a critical bill that will protect rape survivors who have children from being sued for custody by their rapists. But the bill is stuck. Will you sign the petition asking Chairman Eklund to push it forward?
  • Florida: Your #1 anti-woman destination

    With strategically targeted, hard-hitting ads in airports and on travel websites, we can force anti-choice politicians in big tourism states to back off their attacks on reproductive freedom. Will you help us raise $15,000 to get this project off the ground?
  • Whole Foods Messed with the Wrong Mom

    Whole Foods just fired Rhiannon Broschat for taking a day off during a snow storm to care for her special needs son. Demand Whole Foods reinstate Rhiannon and stop unfairly punishing workers.
  • Victory! AOL CEO Apologizes

    Less than 24 hours after we launched the petition to stop AOL CEO Tim Armstrong from cutting worker benefits while blaming pregnant women, Armstrong issued an apology and reversed the cuts! Thanks to the 42,000 UltraViolet members who spoke out.
  • Victory! Louisiana Rescinds Backdoor Abortion Ban

    Nearly 300 UltraViolet Louisiana members weighed in when Louisiana's Dept. of Health and Hospitals tried to close the state's 5 abortion clinics with backdoor regulations. Shortly after, DHH rescinded their proposal.
  • Daisy Coleman is a Hero

    Daisy and her mom courageously spoke out when they could have stayed silent. Let's show them we appreciate their bravery and strength.
  • Thank you!

    2013 was has been a big year! We raised our voices together in some of the biggest fights for women, and we made a real difference--and it's all thanks to YOU!
  • Enroll-a-thon

    Everyone deserves quality, affordable health insurance. You can help friends and family learn about enrollment in the new Obamacare marketplaces. How many people will you help?
  • This is really none of Donald Trump's business

    But it could be if Hobby Lobby gets their way.
  • Your Tea Party Uncle

    This Thanksgiving, you're ready for him.
  • Tell the Washington Post: Fire Richard Cohen

    Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen's long history of rhetoric justifying sexism and racism finally caught up to him with this remark. Now it's time for him to go.
  • Appoint this Awesome, Pro-Woman Judge Already!

    President Obama has nominated Nina Pillard--a superhero for women's rights--to be a judge on the 2nd most powerful court in the country. Tell the Senate to confirm her right away!
  • Justice for Renisha McBride

    Renisha McBride was looking for help after a car accident. Instead, she was shot in the face. Why hasn't the perpetrator been charged yet? Sign the petition to demand justice.
  • This simple thing could make us all safer

    If politicians really want to help women, knowing this will go a long way.
  • Photo: Lisa Norwood Flickr

    Stop the Maryville Coverup

    2 years ago, 14-year-old Daisy Coleman was raped in Maryville, Missouri by a high school football player and grandson of a powerful, local politician. But now, he's walking free while Daisy and her family struggle to deal with the aftermath. Will you sign the petition demanding the Missouri Attorney General step in and get justice for Daisy?
  • Photo: Kylie Nicholson/Know Your IX

    ONE DAY for attempted sexual assault

    Yale University "punished" a student with a one-day suspension for attempted sexual assault. But it's not just Yale--campuses across the country are under fire for sweeping rape under the rug. Survivors are fighting back--sign here to join them.
  • Photo: UltraViolet

    This has to stop

    There's an epidemic in this country, and RAPE CONFUSION HAS TO STOP. Spread the word that rape is rape. We have to clear the air so that there is NO confusion.
  • Get your own UltraViolet t-shirt

    Exciting news! You can now get your very own UltraViolet t-shirt--or hoodie, hat or coffee mug--through our UltraViolet Zazzle store. Check it out at www.zazzle.com/ultravioletgear and share with your friends!
  • Hey GOP: Drop the 20-week Abortion Ban

    This week, the House is scheduled to vote on a bill to criminalize abortion nationwide after the 20th week of pregnancy. Sign the petition to tell them: We won’t forget the conservative war on women, stop attacking our rights.
  • 10 Years for Exposing Steubenville?

    Deric Lostutter helped expose the now-infamous Steubenville, Ohio teen rape case and cover-up by uncovering and posting the photos and tweets from teens who witnessed the attack. Without his work, we don't know if Jane Doe would have ever received justice. Now, he’s facing 10 years in prison for his role in "hacking" and uncovering this awful crime--while the actual rapists will serve no more than 2 years. Can you sign the petition telling the US Attorney that Lostutter is a hero, not a criminal?
  • Eric Cantor: We're not falling for it

    Would House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the Republicans use a cynical and deceptive bill to con women and families into thinking Republicans are on their side, when really, they're trying to take away our rights? Yup. This week, they're going to vote on the deceptively named the “Working Families Flexibility Act,” and if we don't speak up quickly, it could pass. Sign the petition.
  • Shame on the U.S. Senate

    Shame on all 45 Senators--including 4 Democrats--who just voted against requiring background checks for gun purchases--something 90% of Americans support. Four months after the Newtown massacre, they are still kowtowing to the gun lobby instead of protecting our kids and families. Champions in the Senate are going to keep fighting for this bill and we need put every senator who voted "No" on notice: We're here, we know what you did, and we're going to hold you accountable.
  • Thank you, Reebok!

    After 100,000 UltraViolet members and our allies spoke out, Reebok ended their endorsement deal with Rick Ross, the rapper who brags about raping a woman in his recent single. When a company does the right thing, it's important that we thank them. Can you sign the card to Reebok?
  • A Sexist Employer's Guide to Paying Women Less

    WARNING: If you think women should get equal pay for equal work, DO NOT SHARE THIS. But if you think that it's crazy that even today, women only make $0.77 for every dollar a man makes, you should share this right away.