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UltraViolet is a community of women and men, fighting to expand women's rights and combat sexism everywhere - from politics and government to media and pop culture.

Ultraviolet: Equality at a Higher Frequency
  • The path to equal pay for women

    Just last week, legislators in nearly half of the states announced they'd be introducing equal pay legislation into their statehouses. Those states include: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. But there's no reason the other states can't follow suit. If we all pile on and remind our elected officials that we need equal pay now, it can help trigger a domino effect of equal pay across the states. Will you sign the petition to your state legislators?
  • Women were forced to trade sex for critical home repairs

    Live with a gas leak that could kill you and your child, or be forced to have sex with the maintenance man who can fix it? It's a horrifying scenario. But at least 19 women living in Baltimore public housing were routinely denied maintenance services for rat infestations, gas leaks, no heat, risk of electrocution, and more--unless they agreed to have sex with the city's maintenance employees. What's worse? Baltimore's housing commissioner, Paul Graziano, knew about the abuse, but did nothing to stop it. Residents are calling for the mayor to fire him. If we all speak out and keep this disgusting scandal in the headlines, we can make sure she does. Will you add your name?
  • This homeless shelter kicked all the women and children out

    Women were just kicked out of the only homeless shelter in Williamsburg, Kentucky. Yes, all of them, out in the cold, because the shelter's director claims he doesn't want the residents having "ungodly" sex. It's outrageous anytime of the year, but the decision by Emergency Christian Ministries to kick homeless women and girls out during the holidays is especially cruel. The shelter gets taxpayer funding, so it's more susceptible to public pressure. If we act quickly and keep heat on the shelter's board and director, we can push them to reverse the decision--and get the women and girls back into the shelter before the year's out.
  • I support birth control and I vote

    The Supreme Court just ruled that women working at certain private corporations don't have a right to birth control coverage under their health insurance plan at work. That means decisions about women's health are left up to their bosses. We need to show Congress and politicians that women won't stand for this--and if they don't drop the attacks on our health care, we'll drop them. We have a chance to do that in November. Our job is to make clear this simple fact: if you don't support affordable access to birth control, you don't support women--and that will cost you votes.
  • Tell Salmen High School: Let the girls play

    Seven high school girls were kicked off their basketball team for reporting that their male coach repeatedly touched them inappropriately. This same coach had to be asked repeatedly to leave the locker room while girls were changing. When girls speak up about a potential predator they should be heard, not punished. The story is gaining national attention, especially now that the assistant coach--who tried to protect the girls--was also dismissed. We can keep the spotlight there until the school reverses its decision, reinstates the players, and investigates the coach.
  • Thank William Gay for raising awareness about domestic violence

    The NFL just fined a player for wearing purple football shoes to raise awareness about domestic violence. Seriously. This is the same League that botched the Ray Rice suspension and brought Greg Hardy back after his conviction for violently assaulting his then-girlfriend. The player, William Gay, knows all too well about domestic violence--his mother was murdered by an abusive partner when he was eight-years old. Gay was honoring his mother and showing support to domestic violence survivors--he should be praised, not fined thousands. Clearly, the NFL has no clue how to respond to the issue of domestic violence. So let's show them, and thank Gay for raising awareness about an issue that affects one in four women. Will you add your name?
  • Tell Apple: Don't censor women's health

    UPDATE: VICTORY! In less than 24 hours, Apple has reversed course! A new app, called Hinder (like the popular dating app, Tinder) allows users to browse where their elected officials stand on women's rights. But there's one problem: Apple refuses to allow its users to download it. At a time when women's health is under unprecedented attacks, we have a right to know where our elected officials stand. Can you sign the petition?
  • Really, Netflix?

    UPDATE: after you and nearly 50,000 UltraViolet members called Netflix out for discriminating against lower-income parents, Netflix is now giving hourly workers four months of parental leave! This is a step in the right direction, but Netflix still has room for improvement: Executives and salaried workers still get more paid time off than the hourly warehouse workers. That's why we will keep urging Netflix to treat all working moms and dads equally. Will you tell Netflix to extend its new parental leave policy to ALL workers?