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Rape Survivors Are Speaking Out

Sunday, August 26, 2012

We've been hearing form UltraViolet members all over the country who are survivors of rape and are outraged by the comments they have heard from far too many elected officials. We're so incredibly grateful to them for sharing their harrowing stories with us. We hope you'll take a moment to honor their bravery by reading about their experiences and watching the video.


You can read even more stories from these brave women, here: http://weareultraviolet.org/stories/akin/

"The GOP should be standing up for the dignity of women who have been raped. Every woman who experiences rape is already devastated. We do not deserve the added degradation of hateful speech," said Sherry Davis, who was the first ever female announcer for a major league sport when she spent 7 years with the San Francisco Giants, "I have lived in shame and silence for over 40 years, but the statements last week from men who would presume to lead our country have moved me to speak out so that no other women will takes their lies to heart.”

"Gov. Romney should consider how he would feel if he had been in my shoes, isolated after a violent attack, still a child in many ways, faced with carrying my rapist's child to term instead of starting the young adult life I hoped for," said Jessica Skolnik, an activist, labor union staffer, and survivor from Chicago, IL, "The GOP needs to stop promoting reckless language that further isolates young women who are already in one of the hardest situations a person can face."  

"The GOP is ingraining the shaming of survivors of rape in their party platform and in their messaging and that is unacceptable," said Cindy Harding, a mother of two whose youngest daughter was the result of a sexual assault she faced over 20 years ago, "I chose to keep my daughter, and she has brought me great joy. I chose, and as a survivor, I will never condemn the choice of any survivor to choose differently—but I do condemn Mitt Romney and the GOP for trying to take that choice away. "